Mark Dantonio is not a man of many words.

The Michigan State coach does not have the high-profile personality that Jim Harbaugh does. He didn’t have to say much to get his point across in August when he visited ESPN and was bombarded with questions on the first-year Michigan coach. He wasn’t amused then, and he certainly wasn’t amused on Tuesday.

A reporter began to question Dantonio about the notion that all the attention was on the Michigan-Ohio State game.

Dantonio interrupted him and delivered a classic response:

Dantonio has a point. Last year’s matchup in East Lansing determined the B1G East winner. The year before, MSU knocked off OSU in the B1G Championship.

This year’s showdown on Saturday will mark the first of top-10 B1G teams this season, with the winner in the driver’s seat to represent the East in the conference championship.

This was a subtle, but entertaining way of reminding everyone that their battle with Ohio State usually has more at stake than Michigan’s.

And who would dare argue with Dantonio?