M-A-R-K D-A-N-T-O-N-I-O.

That’s how you spell “Mark Dantonio.” It isn’t Mike D’Antoni. That’s a former NBA coach. Mark Dantonio has led Michigan State to 11-plus wins in five of the last six seasons.

Mike Dantonio seems to be a hybrid of the two names. Countless people have made this mistake. But perhaps none was bigger than the one made in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated.

See the problem with this?

Can’t see it yet?

Take a closer look:

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.38.01 PM

Yes, even Sports Illustrated called the MSU coach “Mike Dantonio.” Oh my.

Before you assume the worst, the writer of the story, Michael Rosenberg is not at fault. Writers do not design covers, nor do they proof them. It was an honest, horrible, horrible mistake made by someone on the editorial staff.

Still, Dantonio literally can’t draw up the chip-on-the-shoulder factor any more than this.

Who would’ve thought that Derrick Henry calling Michigan State “Michigan” would be the second most disrespectful thing someone did on a national stage leading up to the Cotton Bowl?

Clearly, this is a problem with two coaches with similar names.

You can bet there will be a whole lot of copies of Sports Illustrated posted all over the Michigan State locker room.

For the record, Sports Illustrated did come out with a corrected version.