Terrible news hit Michigan State’s football program Friday afternoon.

David Sadler, the father of late Michigan State punter Michael Sadler, was announced dead via the Michael Sadler Foundation Facebook page:

The cause of David’s death at this time is unknown.

Michael Sadler  — David’s son — played at Michigan State from 2011-14. Michael died in a tragic car accident on July 23, 2016. Along with Michael in the car was former Nebraska punter Sam Foltz, who also passed in the accident.

Michael was awarded the Big Ten Conference Medal of Honor in 2014 for outstanding athletic and academic achievement.

The Michael Sadler Foundation was created following his death. The foundation’s strategy is:

“Mike Sadler’s legacy is a magnet that draws kids to realize their personal potential in school, sports, and life by developing character strength, compassion and self-awareness. We emphasize the six pillars of Mike’s legacy that enable students to disrupt cultural trends, empowering them to become intentional givers and leaders of tomorrow. Michael Sadler Foundation realizes this mission by supporting scholar-athlete awards, establishing scholarships and presenting unique K-12 educational programs.”