Which generation of NBA play was the toughest to play during? It’s an age-old debate and one that Draymond Green knows all about.

Throughout his career, Green has been an integral glue buy for the  Golden State Warriors playing alongside Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Green is also well-known for trying to set a physical tone and getting under the skin of his opponents.

During a Wednesday media session for the NBA Finals, Green tackled the debate about the play during the 1980s and 1990s being of a more physical nature. While he admitted there were certain enforcers from the era, he refuted that the modern generation would not be able to hold up to the physicality.

“One thing that baffles me…some of the guys that be talking weren’t the guys that were punching people,” said Green about players from the 80s and 90s. “There were a few guys that would lay you out, knock you out and foul you and get thrown out of the game – Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn. But everybody running around acting like they were that, y’all were getting bullied.

“So it baffles me when every guy just because they played in the 80s, just because they played in the 90s is like ‘Man if you played in our day you’d get knocked out!’ Nah, not really because it wouldn’t have been you.”

Play in this year’s NBA Finals resumes Wednesday evening between the Warriors and the Boston Celtics. The series is currently tied 1 game apiece.