Draymond Green is back on the court for the Golden State Warriors and looking to move on from his past. The former Michigan State star was at the center of controversy after a video showed Green punching teammate Jordan Poole in practice on Oct. 5.

On Tuesday, NBA on TNT shared a video of Green stating his intentions to move on and learn from his experience:

“I was told the world has been able to see one of your worst moments. Look at all of the upsides you have now. It’s a totally different way of looking at it, like the world has seen one of your worst moments. Look at the upside, and I can live with that.”


Green has had a history of high-character antics on-and-off the court, but his punch to Poole was one of the most violent he has done. Green spent some time away from the team before rejoining.

The Warriors are hosting the Los Angeles Lakers on the opening night of the 2022-2023 NBA Season.