The timing of Jermaine Edmondson’s transfer made one wonder.

It came on the heels of a day in which it was released that former Michigan State basketball player Draymond Green was arrested for slapping him at a downtown East Lansing bar over the weekend. Edmondson’s statement to police said that he was punched and choked as a result of the altercation with Green.

So when news came out that Edmondson was granted his release from the program, it was natural to assume that it had something to do with his role in the misdemeanor assault.

But according to MSU, it wasn’t.

“It’s not directly tied to the weekend,” Ben Phlegar, assistant director of athletic communications at Michigan State, said to on Thursday. “These conversations were going on beforehand and then this happened.”

Mark Dantonio did say in the release that he had talked with Edmondson during the spring and summer about the possibility of him transferring.

Did the Green altercation push it over the edge? Possibly, but MSU denied that the transfer was “directly” related.

We don’t know, however, if Edmondson had been granted to his release prior to the incident. MSU did not want to get into specifics about the timetable regarding the agreement.

Edmondson was a fifth-year cornerback who played in 38 games in his career. He wasn’t expected to start in 2016.