Neutral site games have become a huge aspect of the first weekend of the college football season.

Alabama played Louisville in Orlando, Florida. Auburn and Washington went toe-to-toe in Atlanta, Georgia. LSU and Miami are squaring off in Arlington, Texas. Those are just a few of the neutral site games in Week 1.

It’s become an easy way to guarantee marquee matchups early in the season and allow to programs to cash in on a large payday. But former Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins isn’t a huge fan of the direction college football has gone.

In a Twitter post, Cousins said that “something is lost with a neutral site,” and that he loves seeing those high-stakes matchups played on campus locations.

“What is the benefit to so many neutral site games? I love seeing the campuses and home stadium traditions/environment,” Cousins wrote. “Unless it’s the Red River Rivalry, Georgia/Florida, etc. or a conf(erence) championship, something is lost with a neutral site. No? Help me out @KirkHerbstreit.”

Kirk Herbstreit offered a little explanation for the neutral site matchups, but the ESPN college football analyst doesn’t seem to mind these games.

“Hey bud. In many cases it’s the only way we can get these big time match ups. Most these teams won’t do a home and home against heavyweight opponent. Good luck this year my man!”

Most fans share Cousins’ sentiment, but these heavyweight bouts in neutral site locations is too much of a moneymaker for schools to go another direction.

So Cousins will just have to sit back, relax and just enjoy the fact that powerhouse programs are willing to play against each other early in the year.