Add Paul Finebaum to the ever-growing list of Michigan State doubters.

Despite the fact that the Spartans knocked off four top-20 teams to get to Dallas, the SEC college football analyst still wasn’t willing to give them credit for their résumé.

He said that the only reason the Spartans were playing Alabama in the College Football Playoff semifinal was because Ohio State “didn’t want to be there.”

Ohio State’s lone loss, of course, came when Michigan State came into Columbus and beat the Buckeyes without Connor Cook. Still, to say the defending champs “didn’t want” to make the playoff is a bit of a stretch.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Finebaum is doubting the B1G elite. But he did say before the B1G Championship that Iowa had “no chance” against Michigan State. The Spartans won, but Finebaum’s doubts about Iowa were clearly proven wrong.

In Finebaum’s defense, he did say that the B1G was better than the SEC this year.

You’d hardly know it from the way the SEC Network crew picked tonight’s Cotton Bowl.