Sure, March Madness is on everyone’s mind this time of year. But throwing shade at Michigan is on Draymond Green’s mind year round.

The former Michigan State hoops star is never shy about sharing his opinion, especially when it comes to the Wolverines. When a reporter walked into his media scrum the other day wearing a Michigan shirt, Green wasn’t a happy camper.

So it came as no surprise that during a postgame radio interview on Tuesday night, Green took aim at the Wolverines again.

But Green wasn’t talking about hoops. This time, he took a direct shot at the football program.

This obviously isn’t the first time Green fired at the Wolverine football program. When Michigan signed No. 1 overall recruit Rashan Gary back in February, he had somebody tweet at him asking him how he felt about the Wolverines’ loaded 2016 class.

To that, Green had this to say:

Green’s bashing isn’t limited to Michigan. Before the Spartans played Ohio State, he famously bet LeBron James a couple cases of Vino. We all know how that turned out.

You can bet that come October 29, when the Spartans and Wolverines square off, Green will again have some shade to throw at MSU’s in-state rival.