Jon Gruden isn’t one to hide how he feels about a player.

When former Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg joined him in the film room for his QB Camp, he let him know that the sacks he took were unacceptable.

But when former Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook got his sit-down with Gruden, there was more praise than criticism.

Gruden said that Cook’s mentality was different than any quarterback he had at his QB Camp in three years. He also praised a throw he made against Ohio State in the B1G Championship in his first full year as a starter.

Here was part of their conversation, which is scheduled to air throughout the month on ESPN:

Even better, Gruden asked the question, how the hell are you not the first pick in this draft? To that, Cook said that he feels he’s the best quarterback in the draft:

The two also took things outside, where Gruden got to break down Cook’s ability to work through his progressions. Gruden even brought in a pass-rusher to give him a true game-speed look:

So where will Cook go in this month’s draft? That remains to be seen.

But if Gruden was running a front office, he might not get out of the top five.