With no spring football, no workouts and no players or coaches on the Michigan State campus, it could get easy for Andrew Kolpacki to get bored without his usual daily duties to keep him busy. but the head equipment manager for the Spartans’ football team is utilizing his new spare time to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Kolpacki, as well as friends Garrett Briningstool and Lauren Scott, are sewing together protective masks as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread throughout the country.

The skills Kolpacki learned as an equipment manager are really proving to be helpful in this situation.

“Sewing is used in football equipment, we usually are repairing jerseys, but obviously without being on the football field right now for spring football we can use that skill that we’ve developed and put it towards a good use,” Kolpacki told WLNS.com.

Kolpacki’s mother first came up with the idea to make the masks. She is a case management nurse in Ann Arbor.

So far, the trio of friends have made over 100 masks and spend approximately four hours per day dedicated to sewing and creating the masks.

What an awesome way to pitch in and make a major difference in the community, and the country.