Derrick Henry is usually a full-steam ahead, north-to-south, get-downhill running back.

But Henry is doing a little backpedaling.

The Heisman Trophy-winning tailback made headlines three weeks ago when he infamously said on ESPN that his team was taking on “Michigan” in the College Football Playoff semifinal. It took him three weeks to address the situation, but Henry denied the reports that he mistook Alabama’s Cotton Bowl opponent.

“I said Michigan State,” Henry told the media on Sunday. “I might have said it low, but I said Michigan State. I wouldn’t say Michigan.”

It’s certainly possible that Henry said “Michigan State.” After all, the Spartans were ranked with Alabama in the top 10 for most of the season. Surely he knew they were the playoff contenders.

But there was a consensus among those who heard the original interview after he said it.

Unfortunately, there’s not any video available of Henry’s original interview. Ultimately, does it matter? Of course not.

Henry ran all over everybody he faced this season. He’ll present Michigan State with its toughest defensive task yet, whether he misspoke or not.