Michigan State didn’t have to wait very long to get that “chip-on-the-shoulder” fuel from Alabama.

Crimson Tide¬†running back Derrick Henry, who could win the Heisman Trophy next Saturday night, was interviewed on ESPN’s College Football Playoff coverage on Sunday to preview his team’s Cotton Bowl matchup with Michigan State.

According to Henry, he’s preparing to play “Michigan” in the College Football Playoff.

Honest mistake or not, it was noticeable enough for Kirk Herbstreit to comment on it after they returned to the set.

In Henry’s defense, he did have 90 carries in his last two games alone. It would be understandable if he was a little bit fuzzy on the details. He also grew up in Florida and might not be too familiar with B1G country.

Either way, for a Michigan State defense that stymied Iowa’s dominant rushing attack on Saturday night in the B1G Championship, it very well could set the stage for MSU’s “us-against-the-world” mindset.

The Spartans opened as a nine-point underdog to the SEC champs. That might be enough bulletin board material.