Hours before the draft, nobody knows where Connor Cook will end up.

Admittedly, Cook himself said that he doesn’t expect to hear his name called on Thursday night. There are others, like Jon Gruden, who believe no matter when he gets picked, Cook could wind up being the top quarterback in the draft.

Add Kirk Herbstreit to Cook’s group of supporters.

He joined WXYZ-Channel 7 in Detroit and talked about the polarizing former Michigan State quarterback’s draft stock.

“I think he’s a sleeper in the draft,” Herbstreit said. “I don’t know where he’s gonna go. It’s hard for me to imagine everything he’s accomplished the last three years in East Lansing that he won’t late in the first, early in the second.”

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Herbstreit addressed the highly publicized about his lack of captaincy and whether or not Cook is a leader. Those points, he said, shouldn’t be considered red flags.

“I hear the same stuff. I heard it early in the season. ‘How’s he not a captain?'” Herbstreit said. “Sure, that does raise an eyebrow. Like, ‘Wow, this guy has accomplished so much. He’s a three-year starter, he’s gone through arguably the best three years in Michigan State football history…how’s he not a captain?’ It does make you at least ask the question, then once he gets to answer and once you sit down and talk to him, I think you move past it pretty quickly.

“Some team, I think, we’ll eventually see there’s a lot of good stuff there. Think about the last three or four quarterbacks that have played at Michigan State and what a good job they’ve done at getting players ready for the NFL. I think Connor could be a sleeper, and I think he could be one of the surprises of this draft.”

Cook will have a chance to become the first B1G quarterback drafted in the first round since Kerry Collins in 1995.