There are a lot of people expecting Michigan to walk into East Lansing and dominate from start to finish.

Others, like Desmond Howard, believe the Spartans will play with extra juice and keep it close, at least early.

Kirk Herbstreit doesn’t see it playing out that way.

On College GameDay, Rece Davis asked Herbstreit what percent chance Michigan State had of pulling off the upset.

“Zero percent,” Herbstreit said.

Herbstreit added that he doesn’t think that MSU can sustain any extra motivation to beat Michigan and that the Wolverines are too dominant to fall to a team struggling like MSU.

He also said that was the first time he threw out the “zero percent” guarantee since 1998 when he said that Ohio State would roll past…Michigan State. The Spartans of course won that game 28-24.

Will MSU make Herbstreit eat his words again 18 years later?