Former Michigan State QB Connor Cook is making a strong case for the backup spot in Oakland. After struggling with the team’s new offense installed by new coach Jon Gruden this spring, Cook has shown marked improvement.

“He’s learning a new offense really, I’m sure he wasn’t 100 percent wired in on where to go with the ball and Paul Guenther had some pretty creative blitzes and disguises,” Gruden told reporters this weekend. “Some of the interceptions perhaps that you saw weren’t all his fault either. We’ve improved, no doubt, and [Cook] has probably been one of the most improved offensive players so far in camp.”

Cook’s improvement was on display in Friday night’s preseason game against Detroit.

“I thought he did pretty good, he had a great day the other day against the Lions in Napa,” Gruden said. “He’s had an excellent training camp, has not turned the ball over, has shown pretty good command. There were a couple decisions I just can’t wait to talk to him about and get his perspective. But he moved the team, put points on the board. I liked the two minute at the end of the half.”