If Kenneth Walker III wasn’t in the Heisman conversation before Saturday, he’d better be now.

Walker is having a day for the ages in Michigan State’s showdown against Michigan. He’s coming up on 200 yards and has a whopping 5 touchdowns against the 6th-ranked Wolverines.

Just how big of a day is it? Let’s just say no one’s ever done to Michigan what Walker’s done.

Seriously. Just give him the trophy already.

To say the game is living up to expectations would be the understatement of the year. Michigan vs. Michigan State was billed as one of the biggest games on the college football slate the last few weeks. Two undefeated teams. Two top-10 AP Top 25 teams. Two B1G East foes. It had the ingredients for an instant classic.

So far, it’s proving to be a game to remember. If you’re not watching, turn to FOX. You won’t want to miss this.