Kirk Herbstreit has apologized for a tweet he posted bashing a fellow ESPN employee.

Thursday, news broke that Michigan State was found to have committed no violations in the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal, and allegations against basketball and football players were also cleared. After catching wind of the ruling, Herbstreit took to Twitter to criticize a reporter who covered the story.

“Can’t wait to watch, read, and listen to ALL the follow up stories from the same folks that had @MSU_Basketball and @MSU_Football Guilty Until Proven Innocent. Is that one reporter that followed Coach Izzo around at post game pressers gonna chase him down now?!?” Herbstreit wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

Now, Herbstreit is apologizing publicly for that comment.

“I’ve seen some strong reactions to my now deleted tweet about MSU. I apologize for the unnecessary dig at the reporters who worked hard on an important story,” Herbstreit wrote in a follow-up tweet.

Herbstreit is calling three college football games this weekend, including Northwestern-Purdue on Thursday night.