There’s no doubting that Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins is a tremendous athlete. But NFL and NBA star? Yeah, that one is a little more difficult to believe.

That’s the mistake one newspaper made though, confusing the former Michigan State standout with current NBA star DeMarcus Cousins. In a brief article on Tuesday morning, Kirk Cousins discovered that his name was published for being ejected from last night’s NBA game between The New Orleans Pelicans and Oklahoma City Thunder.

When Kirk found the mistake, he decided to have some fun with it on Twitter.

“Glad to see my fighting skills are getting proper recognition,” Kirk Cousins said in a tweet with the image of the article. He also tagged DeMarcus Cousins in the tweet.

It seems like a pretty silly mistake to make, but Kirk Cousins was recently in New Orleans as the Redskins battled the Saints last Sunday. After throwing for 322 yards and three touchdowns, he must’ve been on the mind of several reporters in the New Orleans area.

Considering the number of technical fouls DeMarcus Cousins receives throughout the course of a basketball season, he’d probably like to be able to defer that one to the quarterback.