Michigan State endured one of the worst offensive seasons in the nation this season, and now head coach Mark Dantonio is making some changes.

Thursday evening, Dantonio called a press conference to provide a brief recap of the season, talking about the dominance of the defense and the struggles of the offense. Dantonio said he got the feeling at the end of the season that a change with the offensive staff was needed.

The most significant change comes at offensive coordinator, as Brad Salem will now occupy that position, as well as coaching running backs. He was previously the quarterbacks coach.

Salem replaces Dave Warner, who will now be the quarterbacks coach.

In addition to that major change, Jim Bollman will move from tight ends coach to offensive line, Mark Staten goes from offensive line coach to tight ends and special teams and Don Treadwell will become the wide receivers coach.

Mike Tressel will become the assistant head coach.

Dantonio said he knew that change was necessary after such an abysmal offensive season. However, he wanted to keep his current staff intact, saying the program just needed “circulation.”

“This is probably the most significant change we have had in my 12 years here. But it is warranted,” Dantonio said. “We could’ve let everybody go and spread a little pixie dust over everybody.

“I’m trying to create circulation. We didn’t need to cut off a limb, we need to create circulation. A new pattern, new teaching.”

Michigan State averaged 18.7 points per game this season, ranking 13th in the B1G, ahead of only Rutgers. It also ranked 13th in rushing offense, total offense and eighth in passing offense.

Dantonio said that the offense’s struggles was a reflection of everybody, not just the offensive staff.

“I’m not laying the blame on one guy or the coaching staff in general,” Dantonio said. “I’m involved in this too, our players are involved in this.”

The Spartans are returning eight defensive starters next year, a unit that Dantonio said played at a “championship level” for most of the season. But that strong defensive effort only helped so much, as Michigan State finished the season 7-6. Having that much talent returning is significant, but only if the offense can start putting points on the scoreboard.

Dantonio addressed the situation by rearranging his current staff. Now we’ll have to wait to see if those changes translate to results.