Mark Dantonio will be an advisor to interim head coach Harlon Barnett at Michigan State. Mel Tucker will be suspended without pay while the university conducts an investigation.

Dantonio was the former head coach of the Spartans from 2007-2019. Dantonio didn’t think he would ever be back in a coaching role in East Lansing, but noted that things happen.

Dantonio has a lot of history with Michigan State and referenced that as one of the reasons he came back.

“I spent 19 years here as a Spartan,” said Dantonio on Saturday. “I always have been on a small contract. I sat down Haller and said whatever you need me to do to help, let me know. He reached out to me and so I said yes.”

The former Michigan State HC was in the office on Monday and has been trying to indoctrinate himself in what has been going on.

“I’ve just been trying to indoctrinate myself with everything that has been going. I’ve been very impressed with the thoroughness of our coaches, the gameplan, and the structure of everything that’s going on,” said Dantonio. “Really impressed with what Coach Barnett has done this week. Just picking up the pieces a little bit and moving everything forward.”

Fans should welcome Dantonio back to East Lansing with open arms.