The transfer portal hasn’t exactly been viewed in the best light in East Lansing. During the 2019 season, it’s been more of an enemy than a friend to Mark Dantonio and Michigan State.

At one point during the season, the Spartans saw six players enter the portal and begin exploring opportunities to play elsewhere. Dantonio called it “the new norm” for college football, “as sad as it is,” he ended.

With that new normal comes new opportunity. And while Michigan State was a victim of the transfer portal throughout the 2019 season, Dantonio isn’t afraid to utilize to his advantage. If there’s someone available who can help the Spartans win, he’s all about giving them a shot.

“It’s very difficult to look at it, so we have it segmented out. We have one guy who deals with just the portal,” Dantonio said, according to the Detroit Free Press. “But it’s sort of difficult to try and figure your way through it right now. You gotta look at grades. You gotta look at where they’re at in terms of are they gonna have to sit out, are they graduate transfers. So there’s all these different categories that you have to look at relative to what the needs are and things of that nature.

“So we are looking at those things. It’s interesting though.”

Michigan State finished the 2019 season well short of expectations. With one of the nation’s top returning defenses, the Spartans were expected to be in the mix for a B1G East title and potentially a conference championship. A five-game losing skid shattered those hopes, and the Spartans ended the year 6-6.

In the past, Dantonio has focused on recruiting at the high school level and working hard to bring in talented prospects. But with the portal being such a prominent piece of college football now, he’s ready to jump in if it will help his team.

After a 13-12 mark over the last two seasons, it certainly couldn’t hurt.