Michigan State’s offense came to a screeching halt in Saturday’s loss to Arizona State, and head coach Mark Dantonio believes part of the problem was a lack of execution.

Obviously, the offensive ineffectiveness is going to be thrust into the spotlight when a team manages just seven points. It is hard to win a game that way, and at least some of that blame has to be shouldered by the coaching staff.

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However, in terms of Saturday’s loss, Dantonio also saw a lack of execution from the Spartans. When players are not executing, that doesn’t all fall completely on the coaches.

Chris Solari with The Detroit Free Press shared Dantonio’s comments from his Sunday evening teleconference:

Obviously, this is not what fans necessarily want to hear after Saturday’s loss. But Dantonio does have a point.

Michigan State missed three field goals and committed 10 penalties in the loss. Some of those mistakes flow back to coaching, but the players also have to find a way to execute better during the game. Fans will just have to wait and see if the Spartans can clean up the mistakes in Week 4.