Michigan State had a disastrous game against Illinois last week. The Spartans played well early. In fact, they were up 28-3 at one point.

Then they lost.

In the fourth quarter, Michigan State quarterback Brian Lewerke took a knee to the head. On the next play, Lewerke threw an interception. On Tuesday, coach Mark Dantonio said Lewerke said his head was “ringing a little bit” and yet did not go through concussion protocol:

This all seems a bit odd. As Nick Baumgardner’s tweet notes, it’s not the player’s call to say he’s fine. He can’t just motion trainers away.

At the same time, Dantonio said Lewerke was checked out by staffers after the interception. If his head was “ringing” even a little bit after the knee-to-head collision, he should have been checked out then. It shouldn’t have taken an extra play.

As Lewerke said, he didn’t feel concussion symptoms then or now, which would explain why has hasn’t been in concussion protocol. It seems like from the outside, Michigan State could have been more cautious here. Lewerke should have been looked at more in-depth than “very quickly.”

In the end, hopefully all is well with Lewerke. According to him, he is.