Every Tuesday, Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio will be holding his weekly press conference throughout the 2016 season. Dantonio talked about the Spartans’ 28-13 season-opening victory over Furman, the bye week leading up to Week 3’s matchup against Notre Dame and the ins and outs of his team as it stands right now.

The Spartans’ head coach began the press conference saying, “Good morning, guys. First off, 1-0 versus Furman, so that’s positive moving forward here. A lot of things happening in the first game that you’re trying to control. I thought our football team came out and played hard, that’s No. 1.

“No. 2, obviously we had too many penalties when you look at 120 yards worth of penalties compared to LJ Scott rushing for 107 yards, I thought he had a great football game, that’s a lot of yards, especially at inopportune times for us, and really told the story of the game as we proceeded through the whole football game. When you look at us offensively, I thought we ran the ball effectively. Because of the penalties we didn’t have the ball as many times as we wanted to in the third quarter, but we scored, things like that, with the time that we did have it.

“Two turnovers, minus-1 in the turnover margin, which affects the outcome of a football game, so we were able to overcome that, as well. So the penalties and the turnovers really makes the game a little closer than maybe we wanted it. Give Furman credit, I thought they played very well, had a good plan going into the football game.”

Dantonio’s entire presser can be read here.