Nothing went right for Michigan State in Columbus on Saturday. Just one quick look at that 48-3 score paints a pretty clear picture of Ohio State’s dominance in the game.

It was awful, it was ugly, and it was nothing like the type of performances we’ve become accustomed to seeing from Michigan State teams. Even head coach Mark Dantonio wants to forget the whole thing ever happened.

“This is one (tape) you want to burn,” Dantonio said Sunday night, according to the Detroit Free Press. “and you don’t want it to be indicative of how you play all the time.”

Burning the tape might not be a bad idea. Ohio State racked up 524 yards on Saturday, including 335 rushing yards. Michigan State, on the other hand, had just 195 total yards, couldn’t effectively run the football and had three turnovers in the contest. With just two weeks left, maybe pitching this game in the nearest garbage can is the best remedy.

“What we have to be able to do is move forward,” Dantonio said. “I think in every, and I’ve talked about this many times, every experience you have should benefit you. We got to get ourselves ready to play our next game and get win No. 8, that’s the things we can control. Focus on the things we control and get ready to go.”

Michigan State still has an excellent opportunity to close out the season with two wins and close out the year 9-3. It would be a complete flip of the script, as the Spartans finished 3-9 last fall.

And each of the next two games are winnable, as the Spartans host Maryland before traveling to Rutgers to close out the season.

But yeah, burning the tape from that Ohio State might be the first order of business before focusing on Maryland.