Mel Tucker talked to the media following his team’s win over Western Michigan. He knows how important it is keep this thing no matter what.

Momentum is talked about a lot in college football, and Tucker knows how important it can be to keep it on your side. Michigan State had to find some late in the game as it went into the 4th quarter only up 21-13.

At the end of the day, that may have had to do with the loss of Xavier Henderson and Darius Snow. Their status in up in the air, as Tucker has not revealed how severe those injuries are. However, Tucker knows sometimes you can’t flinch and need to just roll with the punches per Chris Solari of the Detroit Free Press.

“We talked it before the game, about not flinching,” said Tucker. “There’s gonna be momentum swings in the game no matter who you play. You get the momentum back by executing one play at a time, stacking plays. That’s how you keep the momentum.”

We’ll see if Michigan State can get off to a better start against Akron on Sept. 10.