Mel Tucker and his Michigan State team have experienced some tough losses this season, but the Spartans experienced a more gut-wrenching loss to Indiana in overtime in Week 12. The Spartans had two different 17-point leads, but they were outscored 24-7 in the second half with 17 points coming from the third quarter. Michigan State would go on to lose 39-31 in overtime after leading 24-7 at halftime.

In his press conference after the loss, Tucker talked about the change of momentum that favored Indiana in the second half:

“Nothing really surprises me. It comes down to execution. Guys are playing hard, and we had our moments. There’s not that much difference between us and the teams we play. It does come down to field position, special teams, a big play here or there. It’s not a matter of unraveling, it’s a matter that the margins are very thin. You can look really good for a minute, you can look really bad the next minute. Because it’s just that close. If one guy doesn’t do what he’s supposed to on kickoff coverage – we don’t have a large margin of error. If one guy doesn’t do his job, touchdown. That’s what it is.”

Michigan State (5-6) will have one more chance to clinch a postseason bowl appearance this season as the Spartans go on the road to take on No. 11 Penn State (9-2) in Week 13. If Michigan State loses in Week 13, the Spartans will miss a bowl game after winning 11 games and going to the Peach Bowl in 2021.