Mel Tucker spoke about what he thinks the College Football Playoff should look like on Wednesday. The Michigan State HC is in favor of giving more teams an opportunity to compete per Matt Wenzel of Mlive.

The current format has the Top 4 teams competing for the national title. A potential expansion won’t happen until at least 2025 according to the CFB Playoff Committee. There have been rumors of having up to 12 teams competing in the playoff.

“I don’t know what that number is going to be, I don’t think anyone knows for sure right now,” Michigan State coach Mel Tucker said Wednesday during Big Ten media days at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. “I like when more players have an opportunity to win a championship. You only get so many opportunities to play, only so many games.

Tucker explained his reasoning by saying that everyone would have a fair shot at the title if the format was changed. The Spartans’ coach believes that it would not only benefit student-athletes from an athletics standpoint, but academically as well.

“We’re all in it to have a chance to win the whole thing, so expansion would do that. It’s just what is it going to look like? Who knows? And what’s best for the student-athletes? Not just from a player safety standpoint but academically as well.”