Mel Tucker has received a final notice regarding his employment status with Michigan State.

On Wednesday, the university officially informed the head coach that he has been fired from his post for cause. Michigan State previously notified Tucker of the plans last week while Tucker had a week to respond.

Tucker did publish a lengthy response and dispute to Michigan State’s decision, but it did not change the final outcome. In fact, Spartan leadership says that the response merely included “a litany of excuses” for Tucker’s inappropriate actions.


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“I write on behalf of the University to terminate the Amended Employment Agreement, dated November 24, 2021… After thoroughly reviewing your response dated September 25, 2023, the University now terminates the Agreement for cause,” wrote Alan Haller, AD at Michigan State.

“Simply put, the Response does not provide any information that refutes or undermines the multiple grounds for termination for cause set forth in the Notice. Instead, the 25-page Response, which includes a 12-page letter from your attorney and a 13-page ‘expert report,’ provides a litany of excuses for your inappropriate behavior while expressly admitting to the problematic conduct outlined in the Notice.”

While it is still possible a legal battle between the two sides will take place to determine if Tucker is owed any additional money, the decision that has been coming to a head has now been finalized.