Mel Tucker knows that it can be hard to expect unwavering support from the fanbase after Michigan’s State 2-4 record through six games. Detroit Free Press’ Chris Solari posted what he said on social media.

Tucker isn’t put off by the recent move of the fans to leave the Ohio State game early. He doesn’t expect unconditional support from anyone in his life, except maybe a few people.

“Quite frankly, I don’t have an expectation of unconditional support from anyone in my life,” said Tucker. “Period. Maybe a handful of people. How am I supposed to feel about it? What do I say to the fans? When we play football so you can be proud of that brand football out there that you expect, then we’ll get more of what we want from our fans.”

The Michigan State HC isn’t frustrated with how the fans have reacted. Tucker stated that he is shifting his focus to the next game and practice.

“My frustration level is not there, because I’m focused on this game and practice,” said Tucker. “Frustration gets you nowhere.”

Michigan State faces a Wisconsin team that is coming off of a 42-7 blowout win over Northwestern next. That game is Saturday at 4 p.m. ET on FOX.