The Pac-12 and Mountain West have already made the move to scrap divisions from the football format, could the B1G be next? Michigan State athletic director Alan Haller didn’t indicate that the league is close to making  a final decision but he does expect changes are coming.

Matt Charboneau of The Detroit News reported on Haller’s comments on Monday. The news comes as the B1G continues to discuss the potential of division realignment — or just scrapping the two-division format entirely.

It’s now possible to eliminate divisions after the NCAA announced it was allowing FBS conferences to determine their own participants in their championship games.

Almost immediately, the Pac-12 announced it will move away from divisions, beginning this fall. Shortly after, the Mountain West said it will make the same move beginning in 2023.

In both cases, the two teams with the highest conference winning percentages will compete for a league title.

Realigning the divisions have been a topic of conversation in the B1G recently, especially as the East continues its dominance in the conference championship game. The winner of the East has claimed a league crown in each of the eight B1G title games since the conference made the split to East and West in 2014.

Earlier this year, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said that the primary discussion in the B1G was about keeping the status quo or eliminating divisions entirely. At the time, there was little-to-no conversation about reshuffling.

The B1G is on the clock. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of changes the league makes.