Michigan State has released the results of its latest round of COVID-19 testing from within the athletic department.

On Tuesday, MSU announced that over 100 tests were administered in the most recent round of screenings. There were three tests that yielded positive results. All three positive cases came from student-athletes, per the school’s release.

There were a total of 89 student-athletes who were tested while 16 staff members and coaches received COVID-19 screenings. The tests were conducted between Aug. 17-21.

“For the individuals who tested positive, daily check-ins with athletic training staff will continue while the individuals remain in isolation, with additional services provided as directed by medical and administrative staffsd” Michigan State said in a statement. “Further testing and physician follow-up will be required prior to returning to any level of workouts.”

Michigan State says it has administered over 1,100 tests since early June. There have been 34 positive tests among the 890 that have been administered among student-athletes. Since June 15, more than 250 tests have been given to staff members, with 5 positive cases.