Michigan State basketball is gearing up for the 2023-24 season with high expectations in East Lansing. Ahead of the regular season, Tom Izzo’s Spartans will now play a live exhibition game with proceeds going to benefit those impacted by the Maui wildfire.

“The Maui Invitation and the city of Lahaina have always had a special place in my heart but (also) Michigan State basketball’s heart,” said Izzo in a Wednesday video. “After looking at the horrific pictures that we saw, and knowing how many families have been affected, I think each and every one of us here back home, our thoughts and prayers go with each and every person in Lahaina.”

The charity exhibition game will be played against Rick Barnes and the Tennessee Volunteers. Izzo said the two head coaches already had plans for a closed scrimmage in East Lansing this season after the Spartans made the trip to Knoxville last year.

Instead of a closed scrimmage, that game will now be a live exhibition on Oct. 29 with all proceeds going to the people of Lahaina.

“Rick and I have had plans since last year’s event where we scrimmaged down there to have another closed scrimmage here,” said Izzo. “Because of what has happened, we have now the ability to play a game in front of a live audience, and so I’m hoping that each and every Spartan packs our arena for a two-bit cause, one and foremost is all the money will go to the people in Lahaina.”

The status of the 2023 Maui Jim Maui Invitational remains up in the air after the widespread destruction in Lahaina. As for the exhibition game, it is awesome to see a pair of top-tier programs combine for what should be a fun game and an awesome cause in East Lansing.