Even with a 2-5 record, Michigan State could have potentially earned an invitation to a bowl game. As the number of available slots and the amount of teams declining to play or are unable to play, the selection process has opened up, creating opportunities for teams that otherwise wouldn’t have qualified for bowl play to have a chance.

Earlier this week, MSU head coach Mel Tucker indicated that the Spartans would potentially be interested in playing an extra game, if possible, but that all apparently changed after their Champions Week game with Maryland was canceled due to COVID-19 issues.

After interviews with position coaches on Friday, prior to going home for the holiday break, there was little interest in continuing with the season.

Tucker released a statement after making the decision.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank our medical staff for everything they have done for our program this season,” Tucker said in a statement. “We were extremely fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity to play football this fall.

“We have decided as a program that the best decision for our team is to prepare for the 2021 season. I’m proud of the players for the way they handled themselves during this difficult and challenging year. They endured a season unlike any we have had before and worked hard to remain diligent in following all of our safety protocols. Our players have been on campus since re-arriving in June and deserve the chance to go home and take some time away from football.

“Even though our season has come to a close, the time that we have had to work with the players in practice and coach in games has been invaluable for us in establishing our culture. We’re looking forward to relentlessly working this offseason in preparation for the 2021 season. The future is bright for Michigan State football. Go Green!”