More legal trouble continues to leak out of East Lansing.

Michigan State defensive end Demetrius Cooper found himself in legal trouble again after being accused of possessing alcohol on April 21, according to Kyle Austin of

The possession is a violation of the terms of Cooper’s bond agreement in a misdemeanor assault and battery case. He scheduled for a court hearing on May 11.

Cooper was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery after police said he spit at a parking officer outside of a restaurant back in October 2016. He was charged in December.

MLive also outlined some of the conditions of Cooper’s bond:

If Cooper complied with the conditions of his bond between March and November, his charge was to be reduced to littering, with a $500 fine. His bond conditions included not being charged with any crimes, not using or possessing alcohol and submitting to biweekly breath tests.

There was no comment from Cooper’s attorney or a spokesperson representing Michigan State.

Cooper started in 11 games for the Spartans last season, tallying 23 tackles and 2.5 sacks.