The Michigan State Spartans have been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, as former team doctor Larry Nassar, who also worked with USA Gymnastics, has been convicted of numerous charges of sexual misconduct.

What Michigan State administrators knew and when they knew it is a major topic on campus these days, and former university president Lou Anna Simon has already stepped down.

On Tuesday, members of the Michigan State faculty overwhelmingly expressed no confidence in the current board of trustees (via

Members of the faculty voted 61-4 to express no confidence in the eight-member governing body at Michigan State, according to multiple news outlets in East Lansing. The faculty does not have power to force trustees from their position; they are elected by the public for eight-year terms. But members of the school’s faculty felt it was important to let the trustees know that a major part of the campus community does not approve of recent decisions they have made.

As mentioned, the faculty vote doesn’t mean there will be a huge change, but it does represent the growing frustration with the way the Nassar allegations were handled at the time.

It’s likely we haven’t seen the last change at Michigan State, and it’s clear the faculty members will overwhelmingly welcome those changes.