The Michigan State-Michigan rivalry is one of the most intense and heated in college sports. The rivalry never sleeps, and a pair of Spartan fans decided to have some fun directed at the Wolverines.

During Saturday’s basketball game in the Breslin Center, a pair of MSU fans donned TCU shirts to remind the Wolverines of their recent loss in the College Football Playoff. The FOX broadcast even took a moment to highlight the duo.

“Just to let you know how deep the hatred goes between these two teams, these are Michigan State fans,” said broadcaster Gus Johnson. “They’ve got on TCU t-shirts, what a better way to stick it to the Wolverines than to acknowledge their loss in the College Football Playoff.”

While Michigan did make it to the Playoff, the favored Wolverines were upset by the Horned Frogs in the Fiesta Bowl. The program in Ann Arbor is also dealing with an NCCA investigation and rumors of Jim Harbaugh reportedly considering a return to the NFL this offseason.