Nothing screams fan loyalty more than sitting on cold bleachers in the rain. That’s especially true when those fans’ team is behind by multiple touchdowns and hasn’t scored any points in more than two games.

Michigan State had at least a few of those dedicated fans when the Spartans hosted Penn State on Saturday afternoon. ESPN showed two fans sitting close together, but by themselves, trying to keep warm and dry through halftime.

Michigan State isn’t giving its fan base many reasons to stick around Saturday. The Spartans trailed the Nittany Lions at halftime by 21 and then a muffed punt at the beginning of the second quarter led to another Penn State touchdown.

Finally, the Spartans reached the end zone about halfway through the third quarter, snapping a scoreless streak of 131 minutes and 2 seconds. Prior to the touchdown, the Spartans hadn’t scored since the first half against Ohio State on Oct. 5.

Michigan State still trails Penn State, though, 28-7.