The introduction of Name, Image, and Likeness opportunities has shifted the landscape of college athletics like never before. Now, players are eligible to profit in ways never before seen with some players already pulling in big paydays.

On Tuesday, Michigan State players announced a new NIL endeavor. But this time, it comes with a team-focused twist.

In a statement shared by Spartan defender Brandon Wright, Michigan State announced the creation of the East Lansing NIL Club that will allow the Spartans to profit as a unit as opposed to individuals.

“The East Lansing NIL Club is a membership-based community that allows fans to access the players like never before,” the statement reads. “We will have an online community where fans can chat with us and get access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content from all the guys on the team.

“The proceeds from the club will support every single member of the team who is participating. Including everyone who will allow us to reach our maximum potential both on and off the field.

“Beginning in July 2022, we are going to sell a limited number of East Lansing NIL Club Access Passes. These digital Access Passes will be your ticket to the online community and in-person player events that we host throughout the season.”