It was hard to imagine the talk after Michigan-Michigan State to be centered around a young Spartans season, but it’s 2020. We shouldn’t be surprised at anything anymore.

After a putrid performance in Week 1, the Spartans responded with a win on the road at No. 13 Michigan. The star of the entire performance appears to be Michigan State true freshman wide receiver Ricky White.

He was a constant thorn in the side of the Wolverines. His numbers were eye-popping even while the game was still going.

But while his overall numbers were impressive, this catch stands out amongst the rest.

This performance by White and Michigan State was about an exact 180 from what the Spartans did against Rutgers when they turned the ball over seven times.

After the disaster that was Week 1, folks in East Lansing have to be feeling a bit more confident now with new head coach Mel Tucker.