With new name, image, likeness laws and policies soon impacting college athletics, schools are starting to create programs to help educate and support student-athletes in the new era of sports. Michigan State became one of those on Thursday.

Michigan State announced that it is launching the EverGreen program to support student-athletes with name, image and likeness. The goal is for Spartans student-athletes to be equipped with the knowledge, education and innovation to build their own brand.

“Our goal is to provide our student-athletes the tools for success — on the field of competition, inside the classroom and beyond MSU,” said athletic director Bill Beekman in a statement. “Name, image and likeness legislation will offer new opportunities for our student-athletes and EverGreen will prepare and position them for these changes. As we looked at designing our NIL program, we recognized that not only did we have a responsibility to help student-athletes build their brand, but it was also imperative that we provide the education and training so they can capitalize on these opportunities while also navigating this new landscape.”

Per the statement from MSU, the school partnered with “leaders in areas of student-athlete branding, student-athlete development and financial education: INFLCR, Anomaly Sports Group and TeamAltemus” to creat the EverGreen program.

While there is currently no federal legislation and the NCAA continues to move slowly on the matter of NIL, some states have taken matters into their own hands, passing bills to allow student-athletes to profit off their name, image and likeness.

Some NIL bills will take effect as early as July 1.