It hasn’t been the easiest task for Michigan State OL coach Chris Kapilovic when it comes installing his new offensive line. The Spartans have a lot of new faces on the O-line compared to last season per Chris Solari of the Detroit Free Press.

Kapilovic stated in a recent interview that the new group on the offensive line has been a little challenging to bring up to par. He has about 13 lineman who either fall into the 1st-year or redshirt freshman category. However, while it has been a little more difficult for him Kapilovic welcomes the challenge.

“I wouldn’t say more important, but I would say more challenging,” Kapilovic said Monday. “So if we see each other again in about three weeks, you might see me age more than normal. … If you look at my room, I think if I’m saying this correctly, I think I got 12 or 13 guys that are first-year or redshirt freshmen. That’s a lot. But that’s OK, that’s why I have coach in front of my name. I gotta get them ready to go.”

The Spartans O-line coach believes that while his offensive lineman are young, they are very talented. He likes the potential that this group has, but admits that they just aren’t quite ready yet.

“We got a large amount of young guys on this team. They’ve got talent, but their football IQ and their ability to focus for long periods of time are lacking at times,” Kapilovic said of his rookies and second-year linemen. “Completely different last year in the sense that we had an older group, so now you got to really stay on those kids. But I do like the potential of those young guys. … They’re just not ready yet.”