A Michigan State offensive lineman didn’t have trouble voicing his opinion regarding the college football season this year. And based on his comments on Twitter, it doesn’t sound like he’s thrilled about the prospect of playing.

Senior offensive tackle Jordan Reid took to Twitter on Friday to voice his opinion regarding the 2020 college football season. In his message, Reid suggests that money is the only reason why playing this year is still on the table.

“Guys are testing positive across the country left and right…why is there still discussion on a season?” Reid tweeted. “Why is it taking so long to make a logical decision? Hmm let me guess REVENUE.”

Reid is one of the few players who have spoken up about the current climate of college athletics as decision-makers explore options to navigate a 2020 football season.

In early July, Illinois linebacker Milo Eifler also took to Twitter to share his thoughts on playing during a pandemic. He, too, didn’t appear too confident about playing while COVID-19 continues to be the headline in the country.

“I understand that people want to see us play this season but in reality how can a team full of 100+ student athletes fully function during a pandemic,” Eifler said. “Trust, my teammates and I want to play. But schools around the country are showing blatant disregard for student athletes.

“For those college football players out there use your voice as a platform for change. The things we go through daily are never shown to the public this our chance to demand what’s right. A new way of thinking as opposed to just going through the motions.”

The B1G was the first conference to take a major step this summer, deciding to play only conference games this year. But commissioner Kevin Warren made it clear that there’s still a possibility that no sports are played in 2020.

No final decisions have been made at this time.