Michigan State put the first points on the board in Ann Arbor for Saturday’s in-state rivalry.

Both teams settled into a back-and-forth defensive struggle to open the game. After forcing a turnover on downs by the Wolverines, Michigan State finally put the offense in gear.

The ensuing drive required some third-down conversions and one on fourth down, but a big play to Cody White set up the score. Initially, White’s long gain was called for a touchdown as he dragged multiple Michigan defenders along for the ride.

After review, the touchdown call was overturned with Michigan State getting the ball inside the one-yard line. Fortunately, the Spartans did not waste the opportunity.

The Spartans ran a unique three-man I-formation play and executed a play-action pass to perfection out of the formation. In an expected defensive struggle, every point will prove crucial.

Here’s the opening touchdown: