LJ Scott, a RB at Michigan State, was a senior this season.

Due to injuries and the new redshirt rule, however, he was eligible to take this season as a redshirt and come back as a redshirt senior next season. That was initially what Scott said he was going to do.

On Wednesday, however, that changed:

As Scott said in his tweet, part of the reasoning for his change of decision — which took a ton of thought — was the position in which he plays. As a running back, we all know that the shelf life is shorter than any other position.

Having played four years already, Scott wants to get the most out of his body that he can. He feels as though that if he can enter the 2019 NFL Draft as a legitimate prospect, he should.

Over the course of his career as a Spartan, Scott took 586 carries for 2,771 yards and 25 TD.