After a 2-5 season in 2020, Mel Tucker and Michigan State have rebounded with a 10-2 3rd place B1G East finish in 2021.

The Spartans went ahead and paid Tucker after his recent success. Chris Solari of the Detroit Free Press broke down the structure of his new deal on Monday.

First, was the amount. Tucker is getting paid $95 million over 10 years with no changes to how the buyout works. The buyout will be $2.5 million before Jan. 15, 2022, $2 million in 2023, $1.5 million in 2024, and $1 million after Jan. 16, 2024.

However, if Michigan State decides to fire Tucker at any time without cause, he’s owed the rest of the money on the contract at that time. If they find cause to fire him, then Michigan State owes him nothing.

Lastly, Solari broke down the structure and bonuses.

Here’s how the deal is structured:

  • $5.9 million base salary
  • $3.1 million supplemental income
  • $100K in footwear/apparel
  • $400K retention bonus

Here’s what the bonuses look like:

  • $25K for B1G coach of the year
  • $50K for AFCA national coach of the year
  • $125K for non-CFP bowl game
  • $250K for CFP bowl game

Tucker is one of the many coaches in college football to get paid the big bucks. We’ll see how this plays out.