Michigan State began testing its student-athletes and staff in early June.

There have been positive tests during the process, but in the last batch of tests, nobody had tested positive. That changed on Friday.

The Spartans had three positive cases come back for their student-athletes. The team also had one staff member test positive. This is the largest single batch of positive test results to date for the program.

According to Chris Solari of the Detroit Free Press, none of the three athletes who tested positive had taken part in workouts over the last two weeks. Alongside the three that tested positive, those three players’ teammates also have to be quarantined for 14 days.

“The athletic department also had its first staff member test positive since testing began,” Solari wrote. “That individual does not work with the Spartans’ programs that have returned to campus and had no exposure to athletes.”

For a total roundup, the Spartans have had eight tests come back positive out of their 506 total tests:

Brett McMurphy added the word “only” in his tweet, which, may not be the right wording to use. Any positive test is bad. And, when you add to the fact that this last batch of testing was the worst for Michigan State in terms of its total number, that just makes matters worse.

On Thursday, NCAA president Mark Emmert made the comment that data point in the wrong direction for COVID-19 as a whole. That wasn’t brand new information.

If we want football this fall, things have to get better. It’s that obvious and simple.