Michigan State is set to have a special non-conference game in November.

The Spartans are in advanced discussions with Gonzaga to play a neutral site game on an aircraft carrier in San Diego on Veterans Day, which is Nov. 11th, multiple sources told Jon Rothstein of FanDuel.

There are still several logistics that need to be worked out related to the military, but both Gonzaga and Michigan State are both currently moving forward with the hope that the game will happen, a source explained.

In 2011, Michigan State played North Carolina on the U.S.S. Carl Vinson in a game that included more than 8,000 fans, including then-President Barack Obama. At the time, Tom Izzo said, per The New York Times, “If you could have seen our players’ eyes. It’s bigger than a game.”

Izzo this week shared his thoughts on his future in light of other prominent college coaches stepping down.

“Mike (Krzyzewski) is 9 years older but Jay Wright is a little younger than I am,” Izzo told Colin Cowherd, per 247Sports. “And Jay is a good friend and I respect what he did but it just depends on how many bad calls those refs keep making. That takes a lot of energy to get out to those guys, but if they get better, I’m gonna stay longer.”