It sounds like Michigan State will not be scared to use all of its depth at tight end.

The tight end position inherently requires a lot of versatility, but it is not always the most high-profile position on the field. Players at the position must be able to block, catch passes, and carry the football. That occasionally makes finding one player that can be effective in all areas difficult.

According to Stephen Brooks with 247 Sports, the Spartans approach to the position may be a bit different this season. Instead of finding one guy that does everything well, new tight end coach Mark Staten will try to utilize the individual strengths of multiple guys:

“Everybody has their strengths. Something that (Matt) Dotson does well, (Matt) Seybert may have this that he does well, or (Trenton) Gillison may have this that he does well,” said Staten…“So it’s our job to not be predictable with how and where they are, but allow them to work to their strengths.”

The goal for Staten and the group is rather simple. Create a dependable unit that answers the bell and performs well when needed, regardless of who is on the field:

“We want to be a dependable unit,” Staten said. “We want to be a group that can be counted on…So that’s been our big thing, that, hey, we’re gonna earn everything we get.”

Time will tell if the by committee approach yields positive results.